Oh hi! 👋

I'm Marek, a pragmatic software craftsman on his lifelong learning journey. By day I engineer software systems and build products, by night I engage in the local tech community as a speaker and a mentor. I enjoy reading books on computer science, productivity, building and marketing products and behavioral psychology.

I started out as a full-stack developer but gradually narrowed down my focus to front-end which is where I excel. I have an eye for detail and deeply care about the user experience. I enjoy improving engineering processes and helping professionally younger colleagues get up to speed quickly.

Thanks to perseverance and my genuine enthusiasm for the field of computer science, I gained a wealth of experience through working on a variety of projects spanning several industries. I am an extremely curious person who needs to understand the big picture before hastily solving the wrong problem. Last but not least I'm a system thinking advocate.

According to Meyers-Briggs personality test, I am a well-balanced ENFJ-T type which is said to be very rare forming only around 2% of the world population. My biggest strengths are empathy, charisma and strong self-reflection ability.

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